Community development, community improvement, and promoting citizen participation.

Empowering Dreams, Inspiring Futures.


FTT ensures equal opportunities and rights for all, combating discrimination and promoting fairness


FTT values every individual, fostering understanding and dignity through open-mindedness and empathy.

Rule fo Law

FTT upholds justice and order, advocating for fair and consistent application of laws.


FTT operates transparently, holding themselves and others responsible for ethical conduct and governance.

Education – Women Projects – Positive Change

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Education Projects

Fadhili Teens Tanzania firmly believes in the essential role of education as a fundamental human right.Education empowers individuals with

Adolescent Girls & Young Women Projects

Fadhili Teens Tanzania (FTT) launched an initiative in 2018 to address the challenges faced by adolescent girls..

Youth Empowerment for Positive Change

The Youth Engagement Project aims to empower both boys and girls by enhancing their essential skills ,

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Fadhili Teens Tanzania

Has similar beliefs to those of which it was initially founded.

These include issues related to movement, livelihood, youth empowerment and children’s rights as well as injustice and market exploitation. It is Fadhili teens Tanzania’s conviction that poverty is created by many interconnected and interdependent problems.
We strongly believe that the bonds between these problems can only be broken by a profound mindset shift. Only by adressing all of the problems actively and simultaneously true sustainable development can be achieved.

Our core belief is that young people can transform the planet as actors in achievement of sustainable development. This is why we work to establish pathways to tackle the many specific issues facing our youth.