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Adolescent & Young Women

Fadhili Teens Tanzania (FTT) launched an initiative in 2018 to address the challenges faced by adolescent girls and young women in Tanzania, particularly in the Sengerema District. The initiative has expanded to include Chamwenda Primary School and Nyasaka Secondary School. FTT’s approach involves conducting awareness sessions, utilizing Community Activists (CA’s), employing advocacy strategies, and organizing events to address gender-based violence (GBV), child marriage, and harmful practices affecting adolescent girls and young women.

Recognizing that Tanzania’s population is young, with 12 million adolescents and an expectation of 30 million by 2050, FTT focuses on empowering this demographic as agents of positive change. However, many marginalized adolescents face obstacles on their journey to adulthood.

The “Msichana Thabiti” project, initiated by FTT, specifically targets girls aged 10 to 18 in Mwanza region. The project aims to provide these girls with information, skills, assets, and support to help them succeed in their goals and lead healthy lives. FTT emphasizes the need to counteract negative social norms and power imbalances that render girls vulnerable within the community

Gender inequality and violence against girls and women have been linked to HIV infection and overall underdevelopment. FTT addresses these issues by working to increase opportunities and assets for vulnerable individuals, with a strong emphasis on gender equality. The organization prioritizes the well-being of women and girls in their programs and actively involves men and boys to create a more equitable environment.

The objectives of FTT’s work includes ..

  • Establishing a network of adolescent girls who can act as change agents within their communities. These near-peer mentors will be trained to deliver localized programming.

  • Assisting young adolescent girls in securing safe and dignified livelihoods, enabling them to contribute positively to community development.

In summary, Fadhili Teens Tanzania aims to empower adolescent girls and young women through various projects addressing gender-based violence, child marriage, and harmful practices. The organization strives to create an environment of gender equality, enhance access to accurate information and services, and enable girls to become active contributors to their communities.